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Our purpose is to ensure that our clients and our employees reach their full potential by providing safety solutions in training and consulting services.

Safety Training Consulting Services

MSC Safety Solutions

MSC Safety Solutions was founded in 1990 and we believe that we can succeed if we honor our past, present and future. Our purpose is to ensure that our clients as well as our employees reach their full potential. We can achieve this through quality service, responsibility, trust, honesty, integrity, and above all by honoring ourselves, our client’s, and our families. We will continue to cultivate our roots to grow in knowledge, service, and loyalty. We will achieve success.

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Our Services

Training Programs
Training Programs

MSC Safety Solutions offers a wide range of safety training classes designed to achieve and maintain a well informed work force from top management to field personnel. Properly trained employees help to ensure an injury free workplace and OSHA compliance.

Site Inspections
Site Inspections

Jobsite and facility safety inspections are one of the most effective ways to identify potentially unsafe acts and conditions in the workplace. Our team of trained professionals can identify OSHA compliance and general safety concerns as well as recommend best practices for your team.


MSC Safety Solutions provides a wide variety of Consulting Services for clients in both the General Industry and Construction fields including: safety management, management and field training, crane and rigging safety, OSHA compliance and defense, accident investigation, and medical and legal management.

Mortenson Construction has used MSC Safety Solutions and specifically Rich Trosper for “on hire” crane inspections for several years. I have found them to be responsive, well trained, and easy to work with on multiple occasions. Rich has a sound understanding of all types of cranes. I know that if MSC and Rich are involved I can be assured the crane is structurally sound, assembled per manufacturer standards, and in good working condition. I would not hesitate to recommend their services. Please call with questions. John Pole, Field Operations Manager


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