Safety Program Management

Improve the quality of your organization’s safety program and save money by engaging the Safety Program Management services of MSC Safety Solutions.

Improve the quality of your organization’s safety program and save money by engaging the Safety Program Management services of MSC Safety Solutions. We custom-design and manage safety programs to fit your unique business needs.

Improve quality

MSC Safety Solutions has experts in all aspects of occupational safety and health with knowledge from a wide range of industries. We can provide the professionals to effectively manage any type of safety program from initial employee screening and orientation processes.

Increase efficiency

After an assessment of resources required to provide a safe workplace MSC Safety Solutions will create a custom program to provide those resources. Utilizing our safety program management services is a cost-effective way to keep your organization’s workers’ compensation and human resource costs at a minimum and avoid OSHA fines.

These services include:

  • Initial Program Assessment (conducted at the start of the engagement): MSC Safety Solutions completes an in-depth hazard analysis of work operations and assessments of: current programs, level of management involvement, employee culture, and types of losses incurred. We provide recommendations based on OSHA compliance standards, ANSI compliance standards, state and local compliance standards and industry best practices.
  • Facility/Jobsite Assessment: We conduct an initial assessment of your physical facilities or project worksite with recommendations. After the initial assessment, MSC Safety Solutions will conduct periodic compliance audits.
  • Technical and Consultation Support: Our staff is available for all questions, comments, and concerns regarding safety at your organization. In addition, we will participate in meetings and assist in planning efforts as needed.
  • Accident Investigation: In the event of a safety incident at your facility, MSC Safety Solutions will investigate to determine the root cause and recommend ways to prevent recurrence.
  • Reporting/Recordkeeping: MSC Safety Solutions assists in management of all compliance reporting, auditing documentation, general safety communications, and contractor/vendor pre-qualifications for your organization.
  • Training and Safety Meetings: We provide all relevant and required compliance and safety training as necessary.
  • Employee Interaction: We regularly interact with your employees to build cooperative relations. Through our safety training, we motivate employees to “want to” be safe instead of feeling they “have to.” We listen to their safety concerns and recommendations, which may include coordination of recognition and incentive programs.
  • Regulatory Interaction: We represent your organization during OSHA inspections and compliance activities. In the event that a citation is issued, MSC Safety Solutions assists in working with OSHA to create a favorable outcome. We also work with other regulators, such as MSHA and the Department of Transportation, as needed.
  • Workers Compensation and Insurance: We work with your risk managers on such matters as submitting incident claims, claims meetings, and insurance renewals.
  • Fit for Duty: We work closely with those in charge of drug testing and/or physicals.
  • Other Services: We serve as your safety manager and work with you on any safety need with the support of our entire organization.