OSHA Compliance

We customize safety and health audits to address occupational safety and health issues so that your company fully complies with OSHA requirements.

Expert advice based on experience
MSC Safety Solutions provides excellent expertise in helping companies fully comply with OSHA requirements and address OSHA enforcement.

On-site audit
We customize safety and health audits to address any occupational safety and health issue. We have experience in safety and health audits for companies of all sizes and multiple locations. Our consultants develop programs after identifying any hazards, program deficiencies and potential OSHA violations in your operations.

Mock OSHA inspection
To accurately assess the level of compliance, MSC Safety Solutions consultants conduct an OSHA-style inspection. We can arrange these inspections unannounced and unexpected by the facility or project.

Record keeping compliance
MSC Safety Solutions will assure that your OSHA 300 log is current and accurate.

Safety program development
MSC Safety Solutions customizes safety and health programs to guide and direct compliance with regulations.

Counseling on alleged violations
Have you been cited? MSC Safety Solutions can assist in possibly reducing penalties, classification changes or violation withdrawals. We can also provide abatement assistance.

OSHA compliance expert witnesses
MSC Safety Solutions provides expert testimony on any aspect of compliance with OSHA regulations.