June 24, 2016 | Safety Training

That’s right, for the first time in twenty five years, OSHA intends to raise the penalty amount issued in a citation.  The current maximum for an Other than Serious and a Serious Citation will be raised from $7,000 to about $12,500, and a Repeat or Willful violation maximum will be raised from $70,000 to about $125,000.  The final rulemaking will be completed no later than August 1st, 2016.

OSHA was created in 1970, back then, if you received a $7,000 citation, that hurt.  In today’s market this doesn’t even put a dent in big business’s wallet.  It appears that OSHA has decided to do something about that.  This fall expect to see a dramatic increase in the monetary amounts issued in citations.  The best way to ensure this does not affect your business is to ensure you have a Safety Culture that incorporates Policy, Training, Mentoring, and Inspections.  That’s where we come in, call us, we can help.  Safety is not something that is enforced, safety is a by-product of training.

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