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Leveraging Safety Inspections for a Proactive Safety Culture

Encourage your staff to find as many safety violations items as possible during the week, correct, and log them on your inspection form.  Praise them for having a long list of items that were found and corrected, and trust that over a period of time, if you work the process, the number of items found will decrease. 

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OSHA Silica Enforcement

The construction standard requires a site-specific plan, with a designated competent person (who must remain at the work site) who is qualified to implement the program and withdraw employees who may be at risk of overexposures.

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Who’s Running Your House?

If the employees are not following our basic requirements for safety, whose fault is it?  The Safety Professional is not in charge of the project and has no authority over the employees.  Management should understand that if we have safety issues in our company, start looking at who’s running your house before you fault your safety failures on to the Safety Professional. 

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