Are You Using Untrained, Inexperienced Workers?

June 13, 2018 | Blog | Industry News | Safety Training

Colorado is cracking down on contractors who are classifying workers as “Independent Contractors”.  Many of these contractors are using this tactic to avoid paying fair wages, payroll tax, and training.  Governor Hickenlooper’s Task force was created to stop this abuse.  We are currently seeing an increase in injuries and fatalities in the construction industry.  In part, this is because the industry is busy and there is a shortage of skilled, trained labor.  When hiring, look for training and experience.  If you can’t find that, spend the time and money to get your people trained.  This will ensure profitability, quality of work, and provide a safe and healthy work environment.

“They use labor brokers to hire inexperienced workers onto dangerous job sites as ‘independent contractors,” Thornhill said in a statement.

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Author:  Troy L Clark