4 Reasons to Hire a Construction Safety Consultant

October 05, 2020 | Safety

Every year, thousands of construction workers are injured on the job. Many of these accidents result from carelessness or other mistakes, such as tripping over equipment on the ground or failing to follow safety protocols. Over a lifetime career, a construction worker has a 75% chance of getting a disabling injury due to these health hazards.

Safety at the workplace needs to be a top concern for construction site managers, and leaders should do all they can to ensure that potential hazards are reduced or eliminated. Sadly, most construction firms do not go above and beyond what is required and many are not even aware of the most common safety risks.

It is imperative that construction companies are not just meeting OSHA safety standards, but are also enforcing rules and regulations to keep everyone safe. Hiring a construction safety consultant is one of the best options available to improve safety in the workplace.

Now, most people associate a consulting service with a hefty price tag. And it is true – good safety consulting services will not come cheap. But there are numerous benefits that a construction safety consultant can offer – which can ensure that you are protecting the health and safety of your workers.

Here are four key benefits of hiring a safety consultant.

1. Inspection and Compliance

It isn’t uncommon for construction sites to fail OSHA inspections, or at least receive a few violation warnings. According to OSHA, the most common safety violations present at construction worksites include:

  • Fall protection issues
  • Hazard communication standards
  • Failing to meet general requirements for scaffolding
  • Issues with control of hazardous energy (lockout/tagout systems)
  • Failing to provide adequate respiratory protection
  • Ladder safety problems
  • Issues with powered industrial truck use
  • Inadequate fall protection
  • Machinery and machine guarding issues
  • Failing to provide adequate eye and face protection

Failing to meet these basic safety standards could result in hefty fines or even project suspension. A construction safety consultant will help to identify any violations before you have an inspection so you can be prepared and meet all safety standards.

This is extremely helpful, especially as OSHA is increasing their requirements to reduce falls and excavation safety hazards. Having a professional construction safety consultant on-hand will help make sure your entire worksite is up to code.

2. Improved Efficiency and Productivity

One reason that some construction site managers do not enforce all of the safety requirements is that they believe it takes up too much time. However, this “wasted time” is often related to a lack of efficiency when it comes to enforcing safety measures.

A construction safety consultant will help to establish systems so that employees are trained properly and equipment is used correctly. Ultimately, this reduces wasted time by using more efficient training systems to teach employees correct safety procedures. 

This eliminates the need for re-training and teaches workers how to use the equipment the right way the first time – which will boost productivity and lead to higher output.

3. Discover New Approaches

Another big benefit that consulting services offer is advice and suggestions for better ways to do common operations. Construction safety consultants are up on the latest technology and strategies, so they can help you find new systems to implement which can be faster, less expensive, and safer.

For instance, one major safety issue across all construction sites is reporting incidents and filing information for safety violations, hazards, complaints, or on-site injuries. If there have been numerous accidents or complaints filed, this should alert leaders that the issue needs to be addressed before things get worse. With an unorganized system, these patterns can easily be missed.

New technology can help to solve this issue by making it easier to file reports, find and store information, and identify recurring issues. Consulting services are there to help leaders leverage cutting-edge software and create a construction safety program that works best for their business – as well as assist with implementation.

4. Contract as Needed

Hiring safety consultant services may be more affordable than you think.

Having a construction safety consultant come for a set amount of time is far less expensive than hiring a full-time employee to monitor safety guidelines. Further, you can contract consultants for as long as needed, such as a full week or for monthly visits.

Construction safety consulting services qualify as a business expense, which means it is tax-deductible.

Lastly, safety consultant services offer a nice ROI. It is estimated that construction companies can save $4 to $6 for every $1 they invest in a robust construction safety program by reducing additional fees and medical costs associated with safety hazards.


Many construction companies are putting their worker’s health and their own lives in danger by failing to provide adequate safety measures on the worksite. Hiring a construction safety consultant will help you:

  • Create a truly safe job site.
  • Eliminate the fear of failing OSHA compliance inspections.
  • Help you find additional ways to improve project outcomes and increase productivity.

If you are interested in learning more about construction safety consultant services, please reach out to us at MSC Safety Solutions.

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